Big changes are happening in all layers of society in Europe. Migration, culture clashes, poverty, unemployment and fast-evolving working places are creating more and more vulnerable groups of people who don’t fit in.

To prevent more people of becoming part of these vulnerable groups and to reach out to them who are struggling to climb up the social and economical ladder, we need to invest in their soft skills. Skills such as communication, teamwork, problem solving, attitude, leadership and professionalism are absolutely critical to success in today’s society. Research shows they are the key to empowerment.

Thus the main objective of the project is to train trainers to recognise, train and validate a top-5 of soft skills that are most relevant for employability, better social integration or more successful education for vulnerable groups, and this on both national and European level. This way project will strengthen human capital and employability by focussing on the development of soft skills on a European level. Education and training should equip everyone with a broad range of skills which opens doors to development in a complex society with fast-evolving workplaces.

The final outputs of this project are:

All the outputs are available in Dutch, Greek, Macedonian, Portuguese and Swedish languages upon the request.

Project Partners
Belgium, Cyprus, The Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, North Macedonia