“Only I can change my life. No one can do it for me.” [Carol Burnett]

Motivation comes from psychological impulses which act as a motivating power to bring actions to a desired goal. Motivation is the decisive factor when we try to achieve our goals. It attracts our passion and manages the actions which takes us forward. Motivation helps us to make choices and set time frames; make us sustained and committed; and make us feel more joyful during the activities we perform to get where we want. Motivation is often the result of our action, not the reason for it. To get started, even with small steps, is a way to create motivation naturally.

The majority of people have motivation. It’s just how we direct the motivation that differs. Some people seem to have a motivation for everything they do while others see difficulties everywhere. If we find ways to overcome the barriers and the resistance, we feel towards something we perceive as boring, annoying and hard, we then feel satisfied with the result and want to do it again. Thus we will have created a lasting, joyous routine.

The motivation module consists of three tools. The first one focuses on creativity and an introduction of what motivation is for the learners. Everyone creates their own personal manual. This manual will be used during the whole module. In the second tool we give the learners theoretical knowledge of the differences between external and internal motivation. The final tool focuses on triggers and habits.


    Country: Sweden

    Tools: Personal manual, Self-awareness and reflection about external and internal motivation, Triggers and routines

    Duration: 10 hours

    ReTraVaSSEV Trainer's Manual
    Tools for Recognition, Training and Validation of Soft Skills for Employability of Vulnerable groups.
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